SERFAC’s Global Presence

SERFAC’s presence in Africa, Australia, Europe, United States of America, Central/ South America for trainings, presenting papers, research findings  participation  in conferences and Advisory meetings .

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“Humanity in general and leadership in particular need to admit that all institutions- secular and religious, global, national and local- have failed humanity; failed because policy makers and major stakeholders have prioritized numbers, economics, position and power, failing to realize that problems of poverty and its innumerable consequences are human problems that require human solutions. They have failed to realize that emergence from poverty is essentially a struggle of the human spirit for human dignity and personhood. In such a struggle, the family is the sole institution that can exercise its resilience and retain its integrity without breaking. Family is the only institution that can provide nurture and care. No substitute or surrogacy of any other institution can do what the family can do.”

“Institutions that fail to support the family as an institution is an indication of dysfunctional Governments. “

“The call of SERFAC to the 2015plus Agenda is to give the MDGs a human face; it is a call to ensure that the 2015plus Agenda is Family-inclusive and Family-centric, person-oriented and human-based-the essential foundation for sustainable Human Development Goals.”(Extracts taken from the statement made by Dr. Catherine Bernard, Founder Director of SERFAC: “Can or Will Millennium Development Goals Succeed without a Human Dimension”)

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