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Revitalising Society through Family Centric Prism:
Programmes and Projects:

Family work/ Career perspective


Family Identity

Family Centric Approach

Developing creative skills

Developing creative skills

Poverty alleviation

Poverty Eradication

Family work

Marriage enrichment

Child Protection

Child Protection

Families and migration

Employment for youth

Family resilience and spirituality

Parental influence on Children

Family Counselling


Constructive Communication


Capacity building and advocacy family and development

Interfaith dialogue

Family and justice to the environment

Gender issues

Family and addictions


Conflict  management and resolution

Effective Parenting

Family Basic social unit

Natural family planning (BOM)

Technology and Family

Technology -Tool or Trap

Re-enforcing Family values and culture

Social Integratione

Sharing a meal

Sharing a meal

Networking and exchanging ideas

Global Net working

Networking and exchanging ideas

Inaugurating 25 Years of SERFAC