International /Global Conferences

Creating International/Global Platforms : Extracts from Concluding statements of Conferences)

“Building stable marriage and healthy family life with a culture of peace is a great challenge facing humanity “ World Congress :Restore Family Life and Sustain World Peace January 2-6, 2006)

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The family is primarily called upon to rediscover its original and central role for its own well being that of society (a). to protest against social systems that contradict the basic values of marriage and family (b). Has the creative tasks of forming relationships and fostering values. ( World Congress- Family and Culture 1986, No-3.1 )

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“The family is an indispensable link between the persons awareness of human dignity and a society that fosters and respects this dignity to the full.” (Int. Conference Family Builder of a New Society March 3-9, 1991)

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“The children of the World Congress acknowledge that the vicious cycle of poverty, illiteracy, deprivation and neglect, cripple a child for life and perpetuate issues like child trafficking child labour, prostitution, terrorism, sexual abuse, organ trade etc. We hope our voice is heard and Government of the world and all International Institutions make amends to address all problems related to children.” (Children Declaration at World Congress January 3-7, 2009)

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“Issues of dialogue, research, networking, advocacy, capacity building, policy influencing, information dissemination resulting in and leading up to family centric policies emerged as some of the key issues that need urgent attention” (Bangkok Declaration 2011 Preamble)

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