SERFAC’s Forum for Revitalising the Fabric of Humanity:

In a world grown cold, gloomy and in secure because of contemporary problems of violence, wars, mistrust, discord, technological dominance and rapidity of a continual globalising world order individual families, communities, national and global societies at large need a message of joy, optimism and hope more than ever.

This forum is meant to achieve just that. If we can consciously live these core values (outlined below) which constitute the essence of this forum families,communities and Societies will be well on their way to healing and human development.

It is SERFAC’s hope that while living these values we will usher in happiness, security and peace for all humanity,

Core Values:

Human Life and Human Dignity: Uphold the value of human life while protecting the dignity and life of the individual during all its stages.

Marriage and Family: Uphold that stable monogamous marriages are life long commitments between man and woman and are ideal environments for the well being of its members especially women, children and elders.

Social Well being: Uphold that democratic processes, institutions and systems are indispensible for a healthy, vibrant, economically developed society, and strive towards creating families and communities where justice, equality, equity, mutual respect for gender differences, cultural and religious diversity and non violence prevail.

Peace and Harmony: Uphold and work towards removing precipitating factors that cause unrest and reopen festering wounds at family, community, National and International levels and strive to build bridges of mutual understanding and harmonious living and each and every level.


Why Join SERFAC?

Today when too many marriages and families are breaking, youth are loosing a sense of direction and children are victimised, dehumanising poverty is escalating, the commitment to be associated with SERFAC is a strengths building approach to ‘Revitalising the Fabric of Humanity, which starts with the family’

The core values advocated by SERFAC are the basic essentials for building stable marriages, healthy families and societies at large.

How to Join SERFAC?

Prepare a letter of commitment from the Head of the Organisation/ Institution or head of the family or individually. Expressing support to the core values of the Forum.

Complete an online Registration form and your fee can be effected by bank transfer.


  • Being part of a Global Network of Families and Family Organizations
  • Joining the Forum initiated by SERFAC ensures a commitment to revitalising the fabric of humanity through the recovery of the basic and essential twin institutions of marriage and family.
  • Technical and Educational Assistance to organise, conduct and follow up on programmes related to Marriage, Family, Women, Men, Youth and Children irrespective of socio-economic status, religion or caste.
  • Academic and Technical Assistance to strengthen global, national and local citizenship and help develop partnerships in projects for achieving the MDG’s and working towards the MDG’s+15 agenda.
  • Through Publications and Communication media; Use of SERFAC’s library, documentation, sharing the e-news letter, participating in best practises programme with a larger audience in India and around the world by publishing outcome documents, case studies and other items of interest through print and electronic media.
  • Interactive columns on web site will be responded to in 48 hours.
  • Net working provides opportunity for collective action by way of knowledge and experience sharing through seminars, workshops, conferences, regional and global initiatives.

Membership Application Form:

* Your Name (s) :
* Names of your child /children :
* Address :
* Tel .Nos :
* Email id :
* Your Date(s) of Birth :
* Date of your Marriage :
*For priests & nuns :
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Membership Level

Become an advocate of the family and join SERFAC’s Global Alliance for Families
  • Couple/Individual members
  • Institutional Members ( Non-Profit making Societies/Trusts/ Educational ,Health and Research Institutes/ Govt. Departments/ Corporates)
  • NGO Members ( Civil Society/Non-Government)
  • Students

Membership Fee in India, for Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Myanmar, Thailand

This duly filled form is to be returned and addressed to: Director SERFAC, 1/157, Manimangalam Road, Varadarajapuram, Chennai – 600 048.  The Membership fee may be sent by cash or demand draft drawn  in favour of SERFAC General Account:  on any bank in Chennai.

By Bank Transfer: (India Only)image-new
A/C Name : SERFAC General Account
A/C No. 0370104000057789
IFSC Code : IBKL 0000370
MICR : 600259017
Bank Name : IDBI

Bank Address:
IDBI, Tambaram, No.4, Near Dr. Agarwals Eye Hospital,
Duraisamy Reddy Street, Tambaram West, Chennai – 600 045
Tamil Nadu, India.

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