Anjali Anand Seth

Shahin Sultana

ANJALI ANAND SETH, M.Phil., India Head for the Operations of CUAC INDIA

Anjali Anand Seth is the India Head for the Operations of CUAC INDIA. With an M.Phil degree in International Relations from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi; Anjali has over eighteen years of professional experience as an educator. She has counseled young adults on their future career prospects and higher education, besides educating them on life skills. At schools, she initiated a project called ” Open Forum” wherein young adults and teachers interacted through candid discussions on issues affecting the young today. She also trained students in Model United Nations conferences with an in-depth research on on peace and security issues and its affects on women and children. Anjali has been associated with SERFAC since 2010 and actively participated in its International Conference at Bangkok. She was involved in the editing of the final declaration at the conference.