The Service and Research Institute on Family and Children, better known by its acronym SERFAC, is an autonomous, India-based, international Non-Governmental Organization. SERFAC is a Registered Society in the State of Tamil Nadu, India. Inaugurated in November 1986, SERFAC obtained Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of The United Nations in 1998.

SERFAC also functions as a Global Research Centre on Family and Child Policy.

SERFAC is one of the few organizations worldwide that focuses on the web of interrelatedness between human development, socio-economic, political and technological institutions, democratic systems and effective governance. This is of particular relevance in present social scenarios which are embedded in the global phenomenon called globalization. More >>

Our Vision


Revitalizing the fabric of humanity by fostering stable marriages and healthy family life, thereby empowering these twin institutions of marriage and family to exercise their transforming role in a rapidly globalizing and technologically dominated world order

Our Mission

  • To identify contemporary trends of social engineering and human morphing, and uphold the value of human life while protecting the individual through all stages of life.
  • To identify and name causes of the weakening of democratic systems and governance and the breakdown of democracy, and strive to create societies of justice, integrity, equality, equity and mutual gender respect, thereby minimizing exploitation in human relations.
  • To identify and name precipitating factors of social aberration, sources of unrest and festering wounds locally, nationally and internationally, and work towards promoting mutual understanding, acceptance and a violence-free, peaceful and sustainable society.